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There is a huge difference between seller feedback and product reviews. We offer a free 30-day trial so that you can see the difference within that trial period. We provide an automation feature that goes a long way in saving you time. Our site is Integrated with Amazon which augurs for seamless integration with the apis of Amazon Seller-Buyer Messaging System. You can also Personalize each email so that you can make your message clear to your target audiences. You can Generate product reviews to establish communication with your shoppers in an automatic fashion after the shipment is being delivered. By doing so, you can also ask for their valuable feedback on the type of service you provided.
Increase seller feedback is of utmost importance to you, and we understand that completely! With the help of our site, you would be able to garner a considerable amount of seller feedback. This would facilitate the profit of the service you are providing to the customer.
By using our service, you would come to terms with Reviews vs. feedback. We help you understand the essential difference between these two words. You also learn that Amazon seller feedback is entirely different from Product reviews. With the help of our rich feature, you would comprehend the differences between the reviews of a product and a seller. Besides that, we are also quite adept in facilitating Email automation that can reap you with rich dividends in future by mailing a feedback request to the customer asking him or her for their feedback about the type of service you provided. In this way, you can Increase your sale and reputation, and in a short period, you would get tons of reviews and hence more sales!