Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy fastamazonreviews service when buyers can leave review on their own?

Well, that's not necessarily true. All Amazon buyers won't leave a review. Most of the time people who have something to complaint about or receive the bad piece will leave the review making your product look bad.  Fastamazonreviews will send out emails to each and every buyer as per your customization and will significantly increase your positive reviews shooting up the sales.

Can Fastamazonreviews be customized?

Absolutely! All of our templates can be customized to the time when a buyer receives the email. You can customize it by day and by the hour on when you want your buyer to receive the email. Most of our clients send 3 emails per buyer making them more aware of the brand and significantly increasing your chances of getting a review. Of course, you can customize all of it in minutes as per your need and send as many emails as you like per buyer.